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“Grow” Prints available!!

December 17, 2013

Grow watermark

This piece here was originally created as a cover for Jovonna Rodriguez book called “Pronouns”. It was a poetry book and she left the creation of it up to me so of course… I did my thing. HAA! It was about human beings and the connections we have with each other through experiences so… I created one person that consists of other people with a heart in the center representing care and consideration. For me, it’s also about how we grow together and individually which still affects us as a whole. I was creating a new style for my self at this point. HAAAA!

“Grow” prints going for $35/$43 with shipping. To order, press the “Buy Now” button:

For more info in Jovonna Rodriguez, check HERE and

“The King” Prints Available!!

December 17, 2013


“The King” Print is one of my favorite paintings that I created. I just thought about everyone claiming to be King of this and that. Even how some consider Elvis to be the King. Elvis was that to some because he was copying black expression but he was white. Then I thought about the history of music and after “negro spirituals” and gospel… it was the Blues that came next. This was the base for every other music that followed. B.B. King was a pioneer in that. One of the best to do it and still performing. In my mind, he was a KING! I read a book about him at the time and I seen this photo by Brian Smith. B.B. mentioned that some one asked him why does he look like he do(make those faces while playing). His response was “I tell them looks aren’t important, feeling is.”. I just ran with it because from the pic, you can tell he was feeling what he was playing… HEAVY!! He’s playing life. His music altered people lives with his songs, voice and guitar. Hense, the plants growing from the guitar. B.B. King is the KING to me!

Prints are $40/$48 with shipping. Click the “Buy Now” button:

“It Could Be” Print’s!!

December 17, 2013

This is a print that I made a while ago but still a favorite. The meaning has to do with what a lot of us want in monogamous relationships… to be together, think as one, to move as a unit, be each others best friend, lovers, inspiration for each other, life partner etc. It’s a powerful actuality and feeling. We have that potential… sometimes it’s easy sometimes it isn’t but IT IS POSSIBLE!! A constant exchange and consideration for each others well being. It’s even better when it is a genuine action. HAAA!

“ABRASIONS” Limited Edition Print!

December 17, 2013

Abrasions print wordpress

This right here is a “Limited Edition” Print for the latest album from Gensu Dean and Planet Asia’s latest album called “Abrasions” out now on

Now when I say “Limited Edition”… I mean LIMITED! HAAA! It’s a 13×19 size print(without the watermark of course) and costs $25($30w/shipping) from today June 17th until June 25th. After June 25th, the prints will cost $35($40w/shipping). You can order simply by pressing the “buynow” button below. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Make sure you put in your correct address to assure delivery. Hit the “BUYNOW” Button:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

This is a piece inspired by police brutality in our inner city neighborhoods as well as the murders of Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and the countless other youths who died at the hands of police officers. Awareness is key… action is key also. Let’s not wait until it’s your own families that are affected before getting involved.

“THIS WEEK ONLY” PORTRAITS on sale until 12/25/13!!!

December 20, 2013

Portrait flyer2.5

“THIS WEEK ONLY” Portraits for sale until 12/25/13. For this Holiday Season I decided to do some digital illustration portraits for a low price of $150.00. Of course a portrait will only be one person(will cost extra for more than one person) but it can be of any one you want. Great anytime gifts for family and friends. All you need to do is provide a picture and the pay the fee through and you will get sent a digital jpeg file of the completed illustration at any size you desire. For any more inquiries contact: Get yours!!! FANGGGGGG!

“BLACKPEACH” Magazine Logo

January 12, 2013

Blackpeach Mag Logo

“Blackpeach” is the title of a nNEW Atlanta Magazine that you should be on the look out for. I had the honor of designing the logo. Although it appears simple, a lot of work went into this logo. The good thing about it was that my client knew what he wanted. So just a likkle experimentation was done. As you can see, most of the work went into the peach. I wanted a still life look so it’s very realistic. I really wanted the Black portion to hit though. It worked too! A satisfied client is the best. Especially if they want more work done. HAAAA! What you all think about it?

BPeach Logo

Peach Mag Logo


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