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UnXnoun Ceeds!!

January 24, 2010

This was a Cd cover i did for my peoples “UnXnoun Ceeds”. I tried to work another angle to their name. You know Growing music and you know…. ceeds, growth, music… all that. All though it was an original concept they decided not to go with it. It’s cool though. I still like this joint though. Tell me what you think about it! FANNGGGGGGGGGG!

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  1. January 24, 2010 6:13 pm

    I thought the ‘seeds and growth idea’ was clever, but I wonder if it would have been more effective had the items been made to look more plant-like somehow. Even after a first glance, it looks more as if they were items that had been partially dug up, or partially buried. But the image is very interesting visually, regardless of subject matter.

  2. James P permalink
    January 27, 2010 3:31 am

    I dig the way Unxnoun Ceeds is written. It’s dope! Push that imagination to the limit. The only thing you’ll find is that there are no limits!
    James P

  3. prIce permalink
    February 18, 2010 4:53 pm

    I think they decided to go with nothing…did that project ever come out??

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