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Machete Vision!

February 11, 2012

This is a Cd cover Design I did in 2010 but it didn’t come out until 2011. One of the breakout albums if you will. Spektz always comes prepared with an idea. He gives me a brief vision and then leaves it up to me. However it comes about! For this he was like, ” I need another “Bloodlust Chick” (the one I did for Blood Lust 2), but i need like 3 of them… holding blades. I took it from there and Wah-La! Here you have it. A lot of women love this joint. I wonder why? HAAAA! Shout to Marq Spektz and Kno for the love! FANGGGGGG!

– For More info on Machete Vision and Marq Spekt… HERE  and HERE

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