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“The King” Prints is NOW on Sale!!

August 22, 2014


“The King” Print is one of my favorite paintings that I created. I just thought about everyone claiming to be King of this and that. Even how some consider Elvis to be the King. Elvis was that to some because he was copying black expression but he was white. Then I thought about the history of music and after “negro spirituals” and gospel… it was the Blues that came next. This was the base for every other music that followed. B.B. King was a pioneer in that. One of the best to do it and still performing. In my mind, he was a KING! I read a book about him at the time and I seen this photo by Brian Smith. B.B. mentioned that some one asked him why does he look like he do(make those faces while playing). His response was “I tell them looks aren’t important, feeling is.”. I just ran with it because from the pic, you can tell he was feeling what he was playing… HEAVY!! He’s playing life. His music altered people lives with his songs, voice and guitar. Hense, the plants growing from the guitar. B.B. King is the KING to me!

Prints are $35/$40 with shipping. Click the “Buy Now” button:

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